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Historical Tour


The Bahamas

Group Size
10 People Maximum

Activity Level

Travel Style

Age Requirement


14 Days from $35oo per person

Trip Overview

A Caribbean Island adventure... A journey across the Bahamas delivering participants to the world of the Golden Age of Piracy- and you can be a part of it all.

Starting on Grand Bahama, the group explores the origins of the Caribbean by learning about the indigenous peoples of the region such as the Taino of the Greater Antilles and Kalinago of the Lesser Antilles. The group then learns about the impact of the arrival of European colonists on indigenous cultures and ecologies by visits and the Age of Exploration that began with their settlements. From there, the group will learn the skills needed for maritime explorers in the Caribbean- and their pirate nemeses- to sail the Spanish Main through a day trip sailing around the Bahamas before taking a ferry over to Nassau.

From there, participants will learn about the role of slavery in the Caribbean and the role pirates played in both combating and encouraging the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Finally, participants will get to learn about the infamous pirates who called the Caribbean home and the anti-pirate operations that eventually led to the end of the Golden Age of Piracy.

1) Kayaking in the beautiful Caribbean Sea
2) Experiencing the wondrous nature of the Bahamas
3) Exploring the remains of Ancient Taino monuments
4) Visiting museums showcasing the complex history of the Golden Age of Piracy


Arrive on Grand Bahamas
Grand Bahama Museum & Burial Mound Cave
Garden of the Groves Day Trip
Bahamas Maritime Museum & Afternoon Kayaking
Sailing Day Trip
Beach Day & Free Afternoon
Free Day
Ferry to Nassau
Pompey Museum & Junkanoo Museum
DAY 10
Beach Day & Free Afternoon
DAY 11
Heritage Museum of the Bahamas & Pirates of Nassau Museum
DAY 12
Fort Montagu & Queen's Staircase
DAY 13
Free Day
DAY 14
Depart from Nassau

pirate flag.jpeg

Itineraries and daily schedules are subject to change. We expect to do everything listed in the itinerary, though the order may be rearranged based on weather or other local conditions.



All activities mentioned on the itinerary
13 Breakfasts, 13 Lunches, 13 Dinners
Arrival & Departure transfers included
Transportation between locations
Accommodation in carefully-picked hotels
Experienced tour guides with you throughout the trip

What's Included?

     Included in the price of participation is the cost of lodging throughout the journey, three meals per day (some breakfasts may be included in the cost of lodging at hotels), any transportation during the trip such as inter-city trains/buses and taxis/Ubers, and museum and park entrance fees.

What's Not Included?

     Not included in the cost is transportation to the starting location and from the final location from and back to your home destination. (Though we are happy to help coordinate travel arrangements to help you find the travel deals.) Also not included is the cost of travel visas (where needed) and travel/health insurance while traveling. Additional costs not included is spending money for souvenirs and entrance fees for museums, parks, or bars/clubs participants visit in their downtime.

Trip FAQ

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

     A variety of dietary restrictions can be accommodated in the Bahamas but please keep in mind that for any meal on this trip that is hyper-local or related to a specific dish, alternative options- while available- might be limited. It is very important that you inform the guides so that we can make arrangements ahead of time as needed. If you have a severe allergy, please contact us to find out if this is the right trip for you.


What positive impact will I have by taking this trip?

     On this trip we will participate in historical customs and activities that aren't typically experienced outside of the Bahamas. Through these activities, we'll be helping local communities preserve local history and nature from the Golden Age of Piracy hopefully becoming ourselves, ambassadors of this historical heritage to a broader global community. The trip also makes a point to incorporate local businesses and suppliers with very few exceptions.


- Option 1: 9-22 September 2024

Cost: ON SALE!
- Option 1: $3500

Reserve Today
We take a deposit of the total cost of the trip to reserve your spot on the roster, then ask for a second payment three months before the start of the journey to complete your reservation. If a trip does not have enough participants for your trip by that time, we will fully refund your reservation.

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