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14 Days from $3275


  • Day Trip to Bird Island

  • Visit to Latte Stone Park

  • Exploring Underwater World Aquarium

Trip Type: Socio-Cultural, Ethnoecology

Activity Level: Advanced


Days 1-5: Saipan

After arriving in the Northern Mariana Islands, we'll spend our first full day in Saipan learning about the territory and it's nature with visits to the Northern Mariana Islands Museum and the Grotto.

We'll then spend our second full day on a morning hike up Mount Tapochao before returning to the coast to spend the afternoon along the beautiful Micro Beach.

We'll then spend our third full day on a day trip to nearby Bird Island Beach to experience the birds and fish of the region firsthand.

For our fourth day in the territory, we'll spend the day learning more about the history and culture of the Northern Mariana Islands with visits to the American Memorial Park and the Garapan Street Market.

Days 6-14: Dededo

After flying to Guam, we'll spend the afternoon relaxing and snorkeling at Ritidian Point

Participants will then get a free day to explore Guam and its history and culture on their own.

We'll then spend our second full day on the island with visits to Gadao's Cave and Latte Stone Park to learn about the pre-colonial history of the Mariana Islands.

We'll then spend the following day learning about the Spanish colonial era with hikes to Fort Apugan and Fort Soledad.

For our fourth full day in Guam, we'll learn more about Guam in the Modern era with visits to the War in the Pacific National Historic Park and Gab Gab Beach.

We'll then spend our fifth day on Guam learning about contemporary culture with visits to the Morning Market Dededo and Guam Museum.

We'll then explore the marine life of the Mariana Islands with visits to the Underwater World aquarium and Ypao Beach Park.

Finally, we'll spend our final day  with a visit to Piti Bomb Holes Preserve where years of erosion have created natural underwater holes resembling craters formed from explosives.

Itineraries and daily schedules are subject to change. We expect to do everything listed in the itinerary, though the order may be rearranged based on weather or other local conditions.

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Two Weeks Exploring the culture and ecology of Guam & the Northern Mariana Islands
14 Days from $3275

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