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14 Days from $23oo


  • Day Trip to Kahnawake Indigenous Community

  • Hike Mont-Bellevue

  • Tour of the Plains of Abraham

Trip Type: Early Modern Studies

Activity Level: Moderate


Days 1-5: Montreal

After arriving in Montreal, we'll spend our first full day learning about the indigenous history of Quebec at the McCord Stewart Museum before getting lunch at the indigenous restaurant Roundhouse Cafe.

We'll the spend our second full day learning more about the indigenous history of the region with a day trip to Kahnawake Indigenous Community.

We'll then spend our third full day exploring early colonial history with a visit to Musee de Lachine before getting dinner from Fletchers Espace Culinaire

For our final day in Montreal, we'll go for a morning hike on the Jacque-Bizard trail before exploring the historical artifacts at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Days 6-8: Magog/Sherbrooke

After taking the bus to Magog and Sherbrooke, we'll go for an afternoon hike on the Pioneer Trail.

Participants will then get a chance to spend a free day exploring the local countryside and its history and culture.

We'll then spend our third full day in our second location learning more about the daily lives of colonial French-Canadians with a visit to Uplands Cultural Heritage Center before going on an afternoon hike at Mont-Bellevue.

Days 9-14: Quebec

After taking a bus to Quebec City, we'll spend the afternoon exploring the incredible Citadelle of Quebec.

We'll then spend our first full day in Quebec learning more about the impact of French culture and religion on the region with visits to Monastere des Augustines and the Ilot de Palais.

For our second full day in Quebec, we'll  spend a full day exploring the Saint Louis Forts & Chateau National Historic Site to learn about the early military history of French Canada.

We'll then spend our third day exploring the impact of the French & Indian War with visits to Onhoua Chetek8e and the battlefield of the Plains of Abraham.

For our final day, we'll go for a final hike on the Chauveau Park trail for a final stroll through the natural beauty of Quebec.

Itineraries and daily schedules are subject to change. We expect to do everything listed in the itinerary, though the order may be rearranged based on weather or other local conditions.

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Two Weeks exploring the history of Colonial Quebec
14 Days from $2625

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