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General FAQs

How many people can join a tour?

We keep our group sizes low so you have the freedom to move around and get involved with your surroundings, as well as more personal attention from our guides. This intimate size ensures that your group will not crowd your experience. You can expect up to 10 travelers on a trip but the average is 8. These smaller group sizes also help limit our impact on local communities in an era of over-tourism.

What clothing should I pack for one of your adventures?

We always recommend packing as light as possible however the specific requirements for your tour will vary widely depending on where and when you are traveling.

Can you help arrange my travel visas?

Requirements for travel visas vary widely depending on your nationality and your destination, therefor we are unable to arrange visas on your behalf. If you do require a visa you can arrange them yourself or use the services of a travel agent or visa processing company.

What vaccinations are recommended for this adventure?

It's important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic.

Do your tours include international airfare?

Travelers arrive from all over the world to begin our tours and it is not possible to include international airfare in our prices. We would be happy to help you arrange flights. Just ask for an air quote when making your booking.

What are the age restrictions on your tours?

Our tours are open to anyone over the age of 18, but we have special trips designed for young adults interested in starting a career in anthropology. These "student" versions of our trips open to ages 18-35 typically stay at hostels rather than hotels and include lessons on maintaining field journals, conducting field research, and learning how to independently publish the results either through print or online media. Our "comfortable traveler" option is open to anyone over 18 and typically stays in hotels rather than hostels; but we still work hard to choose locally owned hotels to make sure we're able to support local businesses as much as possible.

What's included (and what's not) in the cost of a trip?

Included in the price of participation is the cost of lodging throughout the journey, three meals per day (some breakfasts may be included in the cost of lodging at hotels and hostels), any transportation during the trip such as inter-city trains/buses and taxis/Ubers, and museum and park entrance fees. Not included in the cost is transportation to the starting location and from the final location from and back to your home destination. (Though we are happy to help coordinate travel arrangements to help you find the travel deals.) Also not included is the cost of travel visas (where needed) and travel/health insurance while traveling. Additional costs not included is spending money for souvenirs and entrance fees for museums, parks, or bars/clubs participants visit in their downtime.

How safe are the tours?

Our team takes participant safety seriously. Our staff are all certified in First Aid and CPR, and we'll only ever visit beaches with posted lifeguards (occasionally, we may have staff who are certified lifeguards for locations that may not have regularly schedule lifeguard posts). That being said, unforeseen events can occur and the best expert on your safety is you. For that reason, we've included a global safety map below based on information from the US State Department, information on safety for LGBTQ+ travelers abroad, and safety for women abroad. Color codes are lightest in the safest countries and darkest in the least safe.

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