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14 Days from $22oo


  • Exploring Haunted Salt Mines

  • Visiting the Fighting Goats of Poznan

  • Hiking Bald Mountain

Trip Type: Folklore Studies

Activity Level: Moderate


Days 1-5: Warsaw

After arriving in Poland, we'll spend our first full day in Warsaw exploring the legends of the city's Old Town with visits to Warsaw Basilisk, Bazyliszek Restaurant, the Old Town Wishing Bell, and Mieszko the Stone Bear.


We'll then spend our second full day learning about the ghosts and guardians of Warsaw with visits to the Mermaid of Warsaw and the nearby haunted Wieliczka Salt Mine.

On our third full day in Poland, we'll go for a day hike in the nearby Kabaty Woods to see the nature that inspired Polish folklore.

We'll then spend our last day in Warsaw learning about the local legends of the city with a visit to the Shrine of St. Thaddaeus before getting dinner from Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem.

Days 6-9: Poznan

After taking the bus to Poznan, we'll spend the afternoon in the city's market square to see the Fighting Goats of Poznań.

Participants will then get a free day to explore the culture and history of Poznan and the surrounding area  on their own.

For our final day in Poznan, we'll learn about Poland's legendary origins of the croissant from the St. Martin’s Croissant Museum before exploring the headless sculptures of Nierozpoznani.

Days 10-14: Krakow

After taking a train to Krakow, we'll spending the afternoon exploring the city's legendary Wanda Mound.

For our first full day in Krakow, we'll learn about the city's local legends at Wawel Dragon's Den and Krakow Town Hall.

We'll then spend our second full day in Krakow on a day trip to nearby Łysa Góra- home to stories of local witches and Pre-Christian Slavic deities.

For our third full day in Krakow, we'll learn about the city's Medieval legends with visit to Wawel Castle and the vampires of the Rynek Underground.

We'll then spend our final day in Poland on a day trip to nearby Ogrodzieniec Castle haunted by the ghost of a ghastly black dog.

Itineraries and daily schedules are subject to change. We expect to do everything listed in the itinerary, though the order may be rearranged based on weather or other local conditions.

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Two Weeks Exploring the Folklore of Poland
14 Days from $22oo

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