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Meet the Tour Guides Who Make These Journeys Possible


Here at Anthro Tours, we like to think of our staff like the crew of an old wooden sailing ship with a captain, staff officers, and eager sailors ready to explore the world. Learn more about our staff below!

First Officers
- "The Captain": Executive Director tasked with running the "ship" (or organization) and leading tours
- "The First Mate": Assistant Director tasked with assisting the Executive Director with running the organization and leading tours

"The Quartermaster": Financial Officer tasked with overseeing the organization's finances, managing equipment like camping gear and car rentals, and leading tours

Second Officers
- "The Navigator": Logistics Officer tasked with researching the logistics for organizing tours and leading tours
- "The Boatswain": Assistant Financial Officer tasked with researching the cost of a tour, assisting the Financial Officer, and leading tours

- "The Medic" Health & Safety Officer tasked with assessing the safety and security of a tour, maintaining our global safety map, and leading tours

- "The Ensigns" Our Lead Tour Guides are tasked with being representatives of our organization on our tours as lead guides and chief communications officers in coordinating with local sites and leading tours

Enlisted Explorers
- "Sailors": Our assistant tour guides are the backbone of our tours, with each of them being professional storytellers able to bring to life the stories of the cultures, history, and wildlife you'll meet along our journey.